Let’s fold our sleeves up

If someone concludes our earlier post to be a marketing gimmick, we will boldly say that it is a skewed conclusion.

We are delighted to share the pictures of our recently concluded interaction with a bunch of Photography enthusiasts.


With Snapbrew’s Karthik being the organizer, with every participant playing the role of both a mentor and a mentee, things took shape at a venue we all love to spend time at, yup the Besant Nagar Beach.


Our guests initially were anxious about the meet up. But after the lights turned on and the focus was set, they participated to utilize the opportunity to the max, not wasting a moment. From clicking to posing to setting the background, there couldn’t have been a better way to interact.

While some savored the opportunity to experiment with lights, others were rather thrilled by the capabilities of the full frame camera. They sure were pleased with everything they learned and experienced throughout the interaction.


There are many communities that are cropping up every day for many reasons. We are keen on building an open community which is not just for chit chatting and snacking, but to become a platform for participants to unleash their wisdom while being absorbent of the knowledge shared by others, in the end feeling confident about their skill set while curious to try newly acquired techniques as a result of those interactions and discussions were photography is the talking point.

We take this moment to thank our participants, Vinod, Mahesh, Zinda, Nagaraj for every bit of their participation and their valuable contributions which enabled us have a memorable and a quality time together! Taking inspiration from there, we shall march forward!

So don’t forget to join us next time. Let’s celebrate photography with #Snapbrew!

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We hope to see you join the fun! Cheers!


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